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Security Patrolling Services

Security Patrolling has a definite advantage over Static Manned Guarding. There are always higher chances of Static Manned Guards having a blind spot when placed at one location. Patrolling the premises from one place to another is an effective solution for avoiding any blind spots and risk.
Security Patrolling can be classified into 2 types –

a) Mobile Patrol Units –
The Mobile Patrol Units conduct patrol rounds from one site to another in a vehicle. They drive to the sites at random intervals conducting surprise checks and inspection of the Security personnel deployed on site. We undertake such Patrolling rounds at regular intervals to ensure the effectiveness of our services provided.
This also helps the client to worry less about any security service-related errors that could arise. Our Mobile Patrol Units are always on ground and are available round the clock. Thus, we can assure a faster response to any incident that may occur on site.

b) Security Guard Patrolling –
Security Guard Patrolling is the patrol round conducted by the security guards themselves within the premises. These patrol rounds are conducted on foot by the Guards. Thus, Security Guards at regular intervals conduct such Patrol rounds and cover every corner of the premises.
This helps in observing the movements and happenings in and around the site. Building a visual presence throughout the site is quite necessary to keep things in check. Our Security Personnel are well trained to conduct such rounds and have been thoroughly instructed on the important things to observe and assess the risks associated.

We provide our services to various sectors such as corporate offices, commercial towers, hospitality sector, residential towers, private bungalows or villas, government organisations, educational institutes, healthcare, event, retail, warehouses and every space that requires security and protection.

Our company’s focus is on building long-term healthy relations with our clients. We also provide our services on timely contract basis based on the clients’ needs and requirements.

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