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Residential Security Services

Residential security can be classified in 2 main parts, namely –
a) Residential Towers, Housing Societies and Township Security.
b) VIP Bungalow Security.

For residential towers, housing societies and townships, the concept of security varies from manning the different posts to managing visitors and vendors. Here, the major focus is on managing the 100s and 1000s of daily visitors. We install automated barrier gate entry systems, CCTV cameras, Video Door phones and Access Control Systems to ensure security and safety of the residents. Guard patrolling through out these premises in a must. For this, we make use of technology for real-time patrolling data. Any kind of incident can also be reported along with supporting Multimedia data (images and voice notes) to our Control Room at any point of time.

Whereas, for VIP Bungalows, the requirements are totally different. Security operations in such properties involve high risk management capabilities, physically guarding the entry & exit points 24*7, intrusion detection and securing the entire perimeter of the property, assessing potential risks and threats by demonstrating greater presence of mind. For VIP Bungalows, we highly recommend integrating man and machine to maintain efficient security cover for the entire premises. At times, it becomes essential to maintain log books of every activity that occurs within the premises. The visitors at such properties can be government officials, diplomats, celebrities and other similar guests.

Maintaining the security and safety of all of the above aspects combined is a task only a few can really execute. We have been in the security and investigation industry for more than 3 decades now and have been associated with many such clients. We have also installed electric fencing and intrusion detection systems at such premises and are constantly monitoring them to enhance the security and safety of the bungalow and the occupants.

Our company’s focus is on building long-term healthy relations with our clients. We also provide our services on timely contract basis based on the clients’ needs and requirements.

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